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 Tim Blaski
 Timothy J. Blaski, Sr., 55, passed away suddenly on Friday, Oct. 10, 2014, at his home in Hayden, Idaho. Tim was born on May 2, 1959, to Dick and Lori Blaski.
Tim had the handicap of bowling with only one leg, but he never gave up the game because of his handicap.  He should be respected for that fortitude. 

Roy Hayter

It is my honor to pay tribute to Roy Hayter who passed away on SEP 23, 2008.  It is my understanding that he was 91.  I knew Roy since he had bowled on my team several times.   He had  a fantastic personality that everyone liked and enjoyed.  He was dedicated to his game of bowling right down to the end.  He would drive to his bowling league no matter what the weather nor what the pain may be while the younger folk will miss their bowling session over a mere headache.  Roy was indeed unusual.  We will miss him.  Tony Campos