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Bowling is so easy
Even a caveman can do it.


 You really do not need a ball cleaner or a rotating machine.  Just take your ball to the sink and use warm water.  Then rub some dish washing soap on the ball.  Rinse it off and dry.  It is easy and fast to do.  In my opinion, the use of ball cleaner will leave a residue on the ball that may wear off and leave a track which may affect the ball.  Remember that the ball comes free of any substance on the surface.  Keep it natural, and it will work as it was meant to do.    Tony Campos


A 15 pound ball can have as much force of impact as a 16 pounder simply by throwing it one to two miles per hour faster.  The same rule applies to the use of a 14 pound ball.  The point is that a lower weight ball is easier to control with your hand and can more easily produce revolutions on the ball.  


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