Going For A 300: The 10th Frame
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What do you do?

You have nine in a row and you make the tenth strike.  What next?  Do you go into shock?  Should you start to think about it?  Should you stop and consider your financial problems at this point?  Should you look around at all the staring faces?  Should you get the advice of those around you?  Should you have a seat and relax for a few seconds?  Well, the following is just my advice to you if you find yourself in this situation.

You have two more strikes to make for that 300. 

Do not turn around and face the audience.

Do not talk to anyone.

Continue to face toward the alley.

When the ball returns, pick it up.

Shoot the ball.

You now have eleven in a row.  What next?

You perform the same action as on the last shot.

Never turn around and talk to anyone.  Shut your mind off to all surrounding activity.

Shoot the ball.

I am Tony Campos and this has been my opinion.  Take it or leave it.