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 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

your bowling communications site
          and records museum Founded April 2008 by Tony Campos

Tony Campos, PhD:   website owner-director

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The main purpose of this site is to allow the local bowlers of the Coeur d'Alene area to meet the needs of communication, and to act as a museum for the bowling records of the local bowlers.  Although the priority may be at the local level, this site will accommodate the national level as well by way of  search engine use by all those either visiting or moving to the Coeur d'Alene area.  This is a full communications website at your service.

Money and the satisfaction of winning  represent the motivational forces of the professional bowler.  We folks at the bowling league level may not be able to make a living from bowling, but we do share the motivation of winning in team competition.  The beauty of this sport is that almost anyone can participate no matter what your skill level may be by the use of handicap points.  Even a low average bowler will strive to make that big game, and it could be a record score.  Being in a bowling league allows you the chance to enjoy the game as may be suitable to you.  You can be as serious about the game as you feel you should be to suit your own personality without criticism.  Of course, there will always be that exciting hope that something extraordinary will happen and that your score will be recognized by the USBC. 
It is unfortunate that bowling has lost so much popularity over the last thirty years.  I believe that this sport has not been properly promoted in the face of other activities such as watching TV, concern over work and finances, and the mental syndrome of feeling too tired or simply falling into the malaise of being home lazy.   Bowling is physical and mental, and it allows you to get a break from all those work related problems that will give you a heart attack.  Get out there and shoot that ball for all it's worth, and enjoy being with other folks in friendly competition. 
Bowling represents one of the few games that will allow the average couch potato to actually compete on a physical level.  Competition in your life is good, because it is the competitive spirit that drives you in life and makes life worth living.  Remember!  Whenever you bowl good, the opposition should acknowledge it, but if they don't, you should still feel good about your accomplishment.  Whenever the opposition bowls good, you should pump up your own character by congratulating them.  We must all do our job to promote the sport with a positive attitude.  Whether you are highly dedicated or happy-go-lucky, promote a positive attitude about bowling to all those around you, and by doing so you will always enjoy your visit to the bowling alley.    Tony Campos

Your greatest satisfaction in life will not be personal glory.  It will instead be to promote the very best in others. (AC)

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We will be in the process of continually gathering score records since many of  these records going back to 1984 have never been saved at the local level.    We are asking for your help in this recovery whether you have information or if you have bowled a record score at some time in the past and it does not show up correctly on this site.  We stand ready to make corrections.  The USBC has given data going back to 1984.  One of the purposes of this site is to act as a storage for all record scores protected with backup security.          Tony Campos


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